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Support small charity week 2015!

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Run your own fundraising night!

Small Charity Week is an annual week of initiatives to support small charities all over the UK and we are calling on students to run a fundraising night for Small Charity Week 2015.

To run a Small Charity Week fundraising night find a local small charity to support; you could use the Advance Search option on the Charity Commission site. Alternatively you could fundraise for Small Charity Week directly by supporting us, The Foundation for Social Improvement, as we are a small charity ourselves; if so please email us on

Then download our free fundraising night toolkit from our website here (they are under item 4 on the page). There are two options, you can either use our Small Charity Week Quiz for a quiz night or the Sitting-down Decathlon, which is a team based event of little challenges that can be done sitting down.

Contact the charity to inform them of your fundraiser and start organizing your event!

Volunteer for a small charity

We have a range of volunteering opportunities for small charities on offer through our website here. Volunteering for a small charity offers something different to volunteering in a larger organization; it can be a more personal experience and you can be given responsibilities that would not be offered in other positions.

Have a look to see what’s on offer; you will be amazed to see the diversity of these volunteering opportunities. There is something for everybody, whether you’re looking for a long term opportunity or a one-off. For example, if you want to drive a powerboat for Chesil Sailability, act as an advocate for the disadvantaged for Oxfordshire Advocacy or sell bottled water for FRANK water at sporting events and music festivals this summer, then our site is for you.

For more information, either contact the charity at or contact Clare at


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