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Cambridge Community Volunteer of the Month May- Ciéra Cree

Name: Ciéra Cree                                                                                                            

Course: Media BA (Hons) - Year 2

Campus: Cambridge

Volunteer Award: Community Volunteer of the Month


'It's beautiful to be able to help others, as well as fulfilling too' 


What are your main duties and how do they benefit others?

My main duty is running The Ruskin Journal as President & Editor-In-Chief. This involves running 4 social media channels, managing the society's finances, proofreading and editing content submissions, transcribing audio, producing a printed yearly publication alongside a graphics designer, and more.

This benefits others as I'm working hard to provide students and content providers with somewhere where they can share their words. For many, the RJ has been the first place where they have seen their work published online or in print. It feels amazing to see people's dreams of getting published come true and to have a hand in giving students access to an extra curricular opportunity to enhance their CV.

Other than the RJ work I've also volunteered elsewhere. Some of these activities include being a writer for Letters Against Depression, producing handwritten poetry cards with an original poem about hope for Open Doors UK, spending a year as a Course Rep, campaigning in 2 consecutive SU Elections for a voluntary role, sending mail to sick kids in hospital via Post Pals, and making bird food from spare food scraps to reduce waste and feed the local bird community.


What have you enjoyed most about volunteering?

Working with The Ruskin Journal on the committee for the past 2 years has been beyond enjoyable for me and has truly inspired my love for writing to new levels. Especially seeing the printed edition that myself and the committee produced last year, holding it in my hands for the first time was incredible. Seeing how excited students are to be published, to see our little journal copies around ARU, it's been amazing.


What skills have you learnt and used during your volunteering?

I've learned so much throughout my time working with the RJ. To name just a few skills, I've learned how to go about producing a published book, I've learned how to work as an editor, and I've learned about media law. I feel better equipped as a writer, as well as a journalist.


What are your future career aspirations?

I've always been creative, with a love for areas such as writing and photography. Although I don't know yet what I specifically want to pursue I know that I would love to continue writing. Journalism with my accompanying photography, as well as some poetry, would be fab!


What inspires you to volunteer?

I'm an ambitious person who loves to dive into new extra opportunities anyway, but having the power to do something for others and be a light among the world is a truly beautiful thing. To have the capacity to extend our energy towards such pure forms of good is goodness in itself, and seeing others happy is lovely.


What is your favourite volunteering memory?

Holding the printed edition of the RJ 2019-20 in my hands for the first time, and awaiting the next annual to experience this all over again except as President with a bigger hand in its production.


Why do you love volunteering?

It's beautiful to be able to help others, as well as fulfilling too. It's also a great way to meet new people who share these mentalities.