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Cambridge Community Volunteer of the Month December: Giana Bakanos


Giana Bakanos is a third year English Literature student and a volunteer for Student Community Action as a ‘Big Sibling’.

As a ‘Big Sibling’ Giana looks after her ‘Little Sib’ once a week ensuring that he is able to partake in different activities such as climbing, going to the museum and more, enabling him to build memories that he will be able to cherish for the rest of his life.


“My little sib doesn't always have the opportunity to participate in such activities so I try to encourage him to do as much as he can to develop great social skills and confidence in his own abilities.”


Giana mentions that it is particularly difficult to effectively communicate with young children but she has learnt to be persistent and to persevere in building her little sibs self-confidence and his faith in himself.


“My little sib was struggling to climb up the wall when we were going climbing over the summer. During our 3rd visit to the wall he was struggling but nearly made it to the top. I spoke to him, as well as the member of staff working at the wall, and we managed to show him that he already contains the ability to make his way to the top of the wall. After our chat he made it to the top and the excitement on his face and the pride he had has got to be my favourite memory from volunteering.”


The skills Giana is learning as a “Big Sibling” are invaluable to her as she is working towards a career either in teaching or as a humanitarian, where she can help enable young children and teenagers to find their own voices, for their own benefit and for the benefit of their communities.


“Children and teenagers are at vulnerable stages in their life where they soak up everything that goes on around them and being able to create a positive environment for them to develop and thrive in is a mission of mine.”


Thank you Giana for giving back to your local community, helping to inspire the next generation and for being such a positive role model for others.

If you would like to volunteer as a Big Sibling, or volunteer in any other opportunities run by Student Community Action, see their active opportunities here


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