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Why should I vote for my Course Rep?

With the Rep Elections open this week, here’s why you should vote for your Course Rep!

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You might feel like the people standing for Course Rep are doing all the work. But now it’s your turn! Here are ten reasons why you should be voting.


You get to decide who will be representing you!

With such an opportunity, why wouldn’t you vote? You get to pick exactly who will represent you. Read the manifestos, talk to the people standing, and get voting!




Get your voice and opinions heard

Having a Course Rep means you will be able to say whatever is on your mind regarding the course. It might be how fantastic a module is, but it might also be that you find a lecture irrelevant and hard to follow. You can start the ball rolling by voting for one of the candidates!




People have put time and effort into applying

The people who have stood for election have put a chunk of their time into applying and creating a manifesto. It would make them really happy to see you engage with them, and decide on who you want to represent you on your course.




If you would vote in the General Election, you should vote now!

Although on a much smaller scale than the General Election, it has the same principle. If you want to be heard, then you need to vote. No Rep will be elected unless you vote.




You’ll be helping to make a difference to your course

It might seem as though the Course Rep will be doing all the work. But in reality, it is your opinions and your thoughts that the Course Rep will be taking forward. You will be making a huge difference to your course, just by voting!




Be the change you want to see

If you have a strong opinion about your course, you want to make sure you’re voting, so you can tell your Course Rep what’s on your mind. Nothing will change if you don’t make it happen! And that all starts with a vote.




It’s quick and easy

Voting literally takes minutes. All you need to do is have a quick look over who is standing, decide based on their manifestos and your conversations with them, and vote! Done – easy and simple.




It will add more to your course experience

Making sure that you vote means that instead of sitting back and letting things happen, you’ll be able to engage directly with the course, and make huge changes happen.




You’ll become a team

Rather than just being people on the same course, you’ll become a team, working together to create positive change. You can be a valuable team member by voting for your chosen candidate. 




You’re the most important part!

Without their course mates’ feedback, a Course Rep is useless. You are what keeps this system moving forward. Likewise, your vote is crucial to deciding who gets to represent you and your course mates.



You can get voting for your Course Rep here.


Kaileb Bryant
5:01pm on 9 Oct 17 Hi Tori, the numbers are your order of preference, so 1 would be the person you most want to vote for.
Tori Peters
12:35pm on 9 Oct 17 I was wondering what the numbers beside the candidates mean? I have the option to put 1-40 next to someones name and I am unsure what that means?
Kaileb Bryant
9:30am on 9 Oct 17 Hi Doris! Unfortunately you've missed the period for nominating yourself. See if anyone gets voted as a second year Abnormal and Clinical Psychology Course Rep. If they don't, then nominations will reopen. If not, keep an eye out at the beginning of term next year. Voting is open now! Good luck :)
Doris Denton-West-Eguamo
1:39am on 8 Oct 17 1 would like to norminate myself for course rep. for year 2 Abnormal and clinical Psychology.
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