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In the Election, you may be able to vote for Campaign Reps, aka representatives for liberation groups at ARU. In order to vote for them, we ask students to self-define, here's how that works and why it is so important

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Representation is important. Seeing someone that you identify with fighting for your shared rights, speaking with your shared voices, or even just unashamedly and unapologetically existing in a world that isn’t always the kindest place can be a source of great pride and, more importantly, great change.


Unfortunately change doesn’t happen overnight, but, with the right people in the right places, we can make ripples that turn into waves – this is where the Executive Committee comes in.


Alongside the four Faculty Vice Presidents and their Reps, we also have positions for Campaign Reps – Disabled, International, LGBT+, BME, Women’s, and Trans. These students lead campaigns to promote change for the benefit of students, sit on the Liberation Equality Diversity and Inclusion Committee, and champion these values throughout their entire role. Any student who self-identifies with these characteristics is able to run and vote for the candidates for these roles. Here is how you can do that:

When you log into the SU website to vote, you will be brought to this webpage. Alongside a terms and conditions agreement, there is also a question about eligibility. You will be able to check any boxes that apply to you before you vote, so that when the candidates appear you will see those that apply to you – your Faculty Rep, all the Executive Officers, and any Campaign Rep roles that oversee the groups you have self-identified as part of.


We know that this will not apply to every student at ARU; for those of you this doesn’t affect, self-identification is not compulsory in order to vote. However, liberation and inclusivity is extremely important to ARU Students’ Union, not only because our identities can affect our participation, achievement, and progression in education, but because humans are by their very nature multi-faceted. Very rarely do our identities fall under one label, and those groups who can often be underrepresented can find an intersectional, inclusive, and representative group of Campaign Reps through the Students’ Union, and thereby have a dedicated team to recognise and work on the issues faced by different groups.


For more information about the election please visit this link, and if you have any questions about voting please contact Rachel Wilkenson or Emma Howes.





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