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On the Kayse with Cycle Safety

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One of the newest additions to The MedBIC on the Chelmsford campus is Hedkayse - a crowd funded start-up company who have developed Enkayse - a new material for use in cycle helmets.


Hedkayse is on a mission to improve cycling safety: questioning whether the expanded polystyrene material used in conventional cycle helmets is really the best option out there. Hedkayse are about rethinking the cycle helmet to take a common-sense approach to safety.


Hedkayse’ Enkayse material emerged from years of work and investigation: a material that protects you just as well as polystyrene, but that can withstand the knocks and falls of everyday use that would damage its polystyrene ancestors. The ‘Hedkayse One’ is the flagship Enkayse material helmet: rigorously tested to withstand multiple impacts; constructed to be able to adapt to a wide range of head sizes, and able to pack down to a relatively compact size.


The Hedkayse helmet has been tested and approved in lab but the next step is to find out how different people find using the helmet in day-to-day life. They are looking for Anglia Ruskin students to get involved in an upcoming Beta test of the Hedkayse One. If you're interested in getting involved you should be keen or regular cyclists, ideally you should be using your bike everyday! Hedkayse will provide a helmet for a couple of weeks of everyday wear. All they ask is that you wear it, see what you think and attend a feedback session. As a thank you for your help, you’ll get an Amazon voucher and a special discount on the final helmet should you wish to purchase one. The Beta testing will take place this March/April so if you are interested and want more details please get in touch with the Hedkayse team  at


To find out more please visit, or say hi on Twitter @hedkayse


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