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How you can use 92 during exam time

Exams and deadlines are around the corner… But it doesn’t need to be all doom and gloom!

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Have your assignments got you feeling a bit…?




Well, 92 is here to save the day!




It’s probably not news to you that 92 is open now… But we just can’t stop ourselves from being excited about it! Especially now that it’s serving tasty food every day! So how exactly can you make use of 92 during exam season?


Snack snack snack!




92 serve some incredible food, including burgers and other hot snacks! Get your food delivered straight to your table while you’re typing away that essay of yours. Check out the menu to see what else is on offer.


It’s easy to stay caffeinated




When you can get hot coffee and tea made for you, as well as hot chocolate and other drinks, you can stay fuelled up for tackling that revision for your upcoming exams. Have a look at the menu to see what drinks you can order.


Cosy corners




There’s so much comfortable seating that you can find a place to curl up with your book or notes and study comfortably. We really want this to be a place students can use, even to study in!


It’s perfect for group work!




If you have a group presentation coming up, or just want to study together, there’s no better place to get together than 92. Grab a table, order some burgers, and get studying while you munch!


Make sure you stay updated with the 92 Facebook page to see what we’re up to!


Let us know what you think of 92.



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