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How to juggle being a student and a parent

Being a student parent can be difficult – but we’re here to help.

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Being a student parent is having double the responsibilities. Those of you being a student AND a parent – that’s tough! How do you guys do it?! You’re the superheroes of the student body!




We know it can be tough being a student parent. Check out our Student Parents page for more information and support. Here are some tips for how to settle into your new adventure, and most importantly – enjoy it!


Don’t worry about leaving your children




This may be the first time you’ve left your children, or done something for yourself since they’ve been around. You might be feeling some guilt or doubt. But don’t! Remember that you’re not only doing this for you, you’re doing it for them as well. You are becoming an amazing role model for them to follow – think about what you’d want them to do in your position. Go for it!


You’re not the only one!




There are loads of student parents here at ARU, and mature students as well for you mature student parents. So you don't need to feel you're the odd one out, because you’re really not. Meet them and find out for yourself! If you have some spare time between lectures, remember you can  pop into the Students' Union spaces (Ground floor of Peter Taylor House in Cambridge and first floor of Tindal Building in Chelmsford) to make yourself a cup of tea (we have a kettle!) and hang out in our chilled out space to study or relax with other students. 


Make friends




It’s really important to feel like you have a support network at uni. And part of this is made up of your friends. Even if you're only on campus for a brief amount of time in a week, there are so many ways to meet people. Remember to check out our resources for student parents.



We’re so excited to meet you – drop in and say hi!


Charlotte Owusu
2:25am on 11 Feb 19 Hmmm I believe this is a really campaign that lots of parents students are looking for. It's really difficult at times but only one thing keeps you going.. Determination ' We will make it no matter how difficult it becomes.
Bee Newboult
12:33pm on 21 Jan 19 We also have an Inclusivity Fund that allows you to buy 2-4-1 tickets if you wish for your child, or someone you care for to attend a GIAG event with you.
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