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How to enjoy the summer break

You’ve worked so hard this year, and deserve a well-earned rest. So here’s how you can rejuvenate yourself this summer.

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Summer is finally here! The exam period is over, and most of your deadlines have been met. So now that the warmer weather is here, you can start to look forward to your well-deserved relaxation. Even though many of you will juggling summer jobs and commitments outside uni, do make time for yourself to relax and recharge. Here are some ways you can chill out and have fun when you’ve finished your assignments for the year.


Get outside!




Now that you’ve finished all your assignments, you don’t need to be stuck in your room or the library anymore. You’re free to get outside, enjoy the sunshine, and feel those endorphins flowing. Have a barbeque with your friends and family to appreciate the warmer weather and spend some time together outside.


Spend time with your family and friends



Spending time with loved ones is a great way to relax. You can catch up with your friends and family now that you have some free time back. Get in touch with your friends from your home town, and arrange to see your friends from uni. Spend some quality time with your family, cook some dinner with them, and have a movie night together.


Catch up on all those series you missed



When you’re busy with your assignments and revision, you don’t get to watch the TV you wish you could. But now, you’re free to watch all the shows you missed out on. Get together with friends for a movie night and some well deserved quality time.


Take up a hobby



This could be a hobby that you’ve abandoned because you were too busy with assignments to keep up with it, or it could be a completely new hobby. Find something fun to do over the summer period. If you're too busy working a summer job to take up something new, you might think about setting up or joining a society in the next academic year.


Go on walks


Walking is a great way to relax your mind, but also to stay active. Explore your home town or city and find a place you love, or an old favourite hangout spot. If you have a dog, why not take them on a walk with you? Take your friends and family to talk as you walk, and spend some time outside together.


How are you going to enjoy the summer? Let us know!


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