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Five reasons you should join the Nursing Society

Calling all Peterborough Nursing Students - the Nursing Society explains why you should get involved.

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The Peterborough Nursing Society explains why nursing students should join up and get involved.


1.) It’s a bargain!


The annual cost of membership is only £5, which we think is a fantastic deal.



2.) We will help you to make the most out of your course


We know that learning on this degree is not merely limited to the classroom, which is why we want to help you make the most of your course by inviting you on trips related to Nursing, Medicine and Healthcare.


For example, November the 22nd we are heading up to the Stamford Arts Centre to hear a talk on Edith Cavell, a character of real interest in the world of Nursing who I’m sure you’ve heard lots about in your lectures so far. Don’t miss out!!



3.) You will receive the support you need on a Nursing degree


As second year Nursing Students ourselves, we fully understand and appreciate the challenges that can come with doing this degree. Whether it’s essay writing, trying to balance placement/uni/work/family life or the more challenging placements. We will try our best to point you in the right directions to resources that can help you practically, and if nothing else we can give you a cup of tea and a listening ear. We intend to be more than just a group of people that meet every now and again for a trip, but rather companions on this, at times, tough degree.



4.) We like to have fun and encourage you to do so as well


As mentioned above, this degree can be all consuming (but of course wonderful) and we think that a work life balance is really important. Therefore we will be arranging meals out/drinks/day trips outside of the educational ones, just for fun. Nando’s has been our personal favourite so far (the 20% NHS discount and bottomless drinks is what does it for us!) but we are very open to other suggestions.


5.) We have a vision for ARU’s Peterborough Campus


The Peterborough campus isn’t as well established as our Cambridge and Chelmsford counterparts, because of this we have a vision for the Peterborough campus to have just as much going on. Ourselves and the Students Union are invested in this idea and the best way that you can help us to achieve this goal is to get involved!


So we hope that is enough to convince you to sign up because we would love to see you soon!


The Nursing Society,

ARU Peterborough.


Twitter: @ARUnursingpbo

Facebook: Nursing Society (PE) ARU


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