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Rep Elections - Voting Week Guide

Everything you need to know about what happens this week!

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What happens next

Good luck to all the students who nominated themselves. We hope you all have an amazing time campaigning for votes. There are some great hints and tips on page 13 and 14 of this document. Always remember, the best way to campaign is to talk to people so get out and about!

If for some reason you can’t see your course online it might be the case that your lecturer will be holding an election in your class. Get in touch with both your lecturer and your Course Rep Co-ordinator who will be able to tell you the next steps you need to take.

Voting for all Rep positions is open from Monday 8th October until midday on Friday 12th October. Make sure you cast your vote and encourage others to do so too. If you’re a candidate yourself, don’t forget you can still vote.

Every person can vote for each position (Course Rep, Faculty Rep, Conference Rep and the Portfolio Rep positions) once and we use a voting system called “Single Transferable Voting”. This is where you rank candidates in order of preference so number 1 would be your most preferred candidate; number 2 your second favourite and so on.

Ballot Stations

If you want any help with voting or can’t find a computer to vote on they’ll be a number of ballot stations around the University that will have a helpful member of the SU team running them. They’re all open 10am- 3pm and are located at:

Cambridge: Helmore (The Street) and Coslett Café area

Chelmsford: Ashcroft Reception, Marconi Building Ground Floor

Fulbourn: The Reception

Peterborough: The Breakout Area

The result of all the elections will be announced on Friday online and at election result events that will be announced soon.

After the Elections

After elections, all successfully elected candidates will receive full training and support starting with induction sessions for all elected Course Reps. Details of these sessions will be announced soon along with sessions aimed at the other positions.

All students running or interested in these elections should think about joining the Rep Society on their campus (Cambridge or Peterborough) They are a group of people who are interested in representation and representing people who work with Reps and none reps alike. If there isn’t a group on your campus yet, why not think about setting one up?

And that’s it! Elections in a nutshell. If you get lost at all get in contact with your Course Rep Co-ordinator who should be able to help you out.



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