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Volunteer of the month

Many thanks to all who have helped me accomplishing the tasks and goals of our Society.

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“I enjoy the time when I contribute to research in our linguistic/teaching field, to share and spread knowledge in my area of expertise [and] when I prepare or organise events and talks for students in Linguistics.”

By taking up the role of President, I have commented that the biggest skill I have learnt is teamwork; how to coordinate a committee and how to develop a successful society structure that benefits their members the most.

“[The Volunteering Service has] helped me to log my hours and make a profile that could be useful in my CV. But the most important [aspect of working with the Volunteering Service] was to be involved and engaged in a diverse range of activities [that they offer]. I learned to be more confident and open.”

I have worked extremely hard this year to develop the society and being able to offer invaluable help and support to a whole host of my fellow students.

“The aim of our Society is to provide a common platform for students of ARU, doing an English Language and Linguistics or English Language Teaching course. It aims to encourage members to get to know each other better, share and exchange ideas, and encourage extra-curricular activities in the interest of linguistics and its surrounding topics.”


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