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Course Management Committee Meeting (07/11/2012)

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So all the course reps got together along with course leaders to discuss any issues that have occurred so far in semester 1 (also things that students are happy with!).


For BA Graphic Design the issues that were raised:


  • Printing cards

  • Open access at weekends

  • Updating of Adobe software

  • Room timetables


Printing cards – There is much talk of the student ID cards to be used as printing cards where money can be transferred onto the ID card. This is still under consideration and we will be informed when the system is to be changed over. For the time being we'll have to keep active by fetching print cards from RUS 220. It's a bit of a bind but the card machine won't be moved as the uni wishes to start the new system in the near future.


Open access at weekends – Anyone that wishes to use the Mac suits at the weekend can do so but will really need to book one of the rooms through Daniel Jagger, who's office is RUS 123. This is just to ensure that security know who's in the building (and where), to make sure the room is unlocked for your use and for safety reasons in case anything were to happen to the computers (which I know everyone respects the equipment :)). Also, Saturday is probably the most beneficial day as the uni is open for longer than it is on a Sunday.


Updating of Adobe software – Currently in LAB 210 either 6 or 10 computers have CS6 up and running. All the Mac's (LAB 210-212) have CS6 installed but, apart from these limited 6-10 Mac's, the software will not run accordingly when printing. It still needs to be tested and we should hopefully have CS6 running smoothly on all Mac's after Christmas in Semester 2.

Please note if you have CS6 on your own computer and save it as a CS6 version it will not open on the university Mac's (which I'm sure most of you know). Please save your work as a slightly older version (CS5.5 should be fine) so you won't encounter any problems when accessing your work.


Room timetables – Last point, knowing when the rooms are free to work in has been a bit of a pain to find out as the timetable boards don't always display the correct info. Apparently we were supposed to have been shown how to access the room timetables online where it has all the free slots noted (as well as SGL). So better late than never, here is the course timetable:


One more thing, if you were unaware, technical support is on hand between the hours of 8.30am to 4.30pm for rooms LAB 210 – 212.


Well that concludes of what went down in a lengthy 2 and a half meeting!


Have any quires with any of the points listed above feel free to contact me :)




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