What is #Project5?

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#Project5 is a new and exciting piece of work we are currently developing.

We want to create 5 goals, in 5 years. 

We have now been running in ARU London for over 3 years and have recognised the need to thing big. Student numbers have grown enormously since we arrived (from about 2500 to over 8000) which is incredible! Because of this we will be asking ARU London to increase our budget. But first, we need to find out what you, its members, want our future to look like.

  • What services do you think a Students' Union should provide?
  • What should we prioritise?
  • How would you like to be represented?
  • What is missing from your university experience?

We will be holding focus groups and surveys to find out what you think should make up our 5 goals to work towards over the next 5 years. However, we would love to have you involved even more than this - if you're interested in being a bigger part of #project5 please get in touch. 

Megan Bennett - m.bennett@angliastudent.com
ARU London Students' Union Manager


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