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ARUL SU Cost Of Living Event

CoL Event Highlights

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On 02/03/23, the SU hosted a “Cost of Living” in London event! This represented one of the big projects from your VP Farringdon – Carmen, along with the support of ARUL SU, ARUL departments, and Business Finance module leader Nidhi Gogia. The SU would like to send a special thank you to all students who came and shared their valuable ideas and opinions.




The event’s objectives were to engage students in conversations about the challenges they face with the new CoL. The event delivered a series of complementary works that spotlighted the cost-of-living crisis and ways students can reduce spending while at university. There were cost-saving tips, and discussions for ARUL to support the travel costs for students. Students enjoyed the event and were able to ask many questions. 

The event would not have been successful without the attendance of 80-plus students and 50 students answering our survey. A huge majority of students gave positive feedback in our post-event survey, which fits into our #project5  goals.

See you at the upcoming events. Stay tuned!!! 



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