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We are monitoring the unfolding situation of the Coronavirus carefully and are adhering to Public Health England guidance. It’s important to remember the risk to the UK population is currently low. We are aware that students may be worried or have concerns about a whole range of issues related to the virus. If you have a query or concerns then please take a look at our page.


Your Ideas







Currently, all students at ARU London have been timetabled to have a 30 minute lunch break, with recent feedback has shown that a number of students have requested this be changed to 60 minutes.


We asked students would they rather...

A. Keep the lunch break at 30 minutes (and your day will finish at the usual time)

B. Extend the lunch break to 60 minutes (and your day will finish a little later)

C. Something else...

Pie chart of the results

We received over 500 responses which your Vice President, Sorin-Marius Predica, took to the University's Senior Management, who were keen to support the choice of the majority of students. This means lunch breaks will remain at 30 minutes which allows students to finish lectures by 4:30pm.


Thank you to all students who gave their feedback.