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Candidate for the position of International Rep (Chelmsford)



Hello Guys

I am standing for International Rep Chelmsford in the election - because I have the experience,Ideas,and dedication to provide international students representation they deserve. If elected, I will increase the opportunities for international students to voice their concerns, find solutions,and work with the University to put those solutions in place.
I will make international students part of the conversation with the university to provide more internship and job opportunities . I know many of the international students suffering due to the Covid 19 Pandemic by loosing their part time work we can sort out this by creating some employment opportunities to international students.

Providing clearer information to new international and visiting students on the academic transition form their home country.

Work to expand the international Buddies program and better publicise it so that more new international students can participate in the program making their transition to university in a new country easier.

Strong to oppose any anti migration measure, such as the one currently proposed in parliament that would force international students to pay an annual fee to use the NHS, imposing an extra financial burden on international student's.

Thank you

Ramakrishna Reddy Paidimarla.