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Candidate for the position of Vice President (Science and Engineering)

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“A leader is someone who sets direction and bring about inspiring visions and work hard to motivate the people around him”.

I Kevin Joy studying International Business Management in Anglia Ruskin University aspire to set a new direction, bring about inspiring vision, and work hard until these visions become a reality.

My undergraduate degree is in Mechanical engineering and I have got work experience in the same sector which makes me ideal for a position like this.


I envision to bring about positive changes to make the department of Science and Engineering to be the best in the university.


  • The IT sector has shown humongous growth in the last decade. I will set up Industrial visits to technological giants such as Amazon and Google which would be an amazing opportunity for the students of this department to attain exposure.


  • I will be all ears to hear the problems that the students face in the university and work immensely hard to right the wrongs that have been done.


  • I intend to conduct Webinars with the thespians of the field i.e., Science and Engineering which would bring about a change in the mentality of the students as they would know their pathways to success.


  • Financial support would be provided for the students that have been struck hard due to Covid-19 pandemic and provide them a safe space for their emotional wellbeing such as counselling.


  • I intend to start forums for students to share their ideas to develop strategies to improve academic excellence in all the students and ensure equal participation from all quarters.


  • I will put in all my efforts to provide grants to students with exceptional academic intelligence which would act as a first step of excellence in future.


I understand the weight and responsibility that this position carries and I will put in all my efforts and abilities to help and try to understand the problems the students face and rectify them.