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Candidate for the position of Vice President (Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences)




I am Sobin Sojan and I am running for the position of Vice President in the Faculty of Arts, Humanities & Social Science (AHSS).

Even though I am a Business student, I feel the importance of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences is a part of our human culture and defines who we are as a person. It reminds us of what we can offer to our community beyond the scope of academics, help us learn more about each other, bond us as a social community and find out what we all have in common. Only after understanding more about each other’s history can we imagine a future together with empathy for one another. With the perspective of last year, it becomes clearer that certain university social, cultural experiences/events can no longer be practised.


My Background

 I believe we need a VP who is pragmatic, efficient, and honest. My experiences and background make me the best candidate for the job. I have always been passionate about the impact that student activities (extracurricular activities, sports club) can have on students life while in university. I have participated in SU elections back in my college days and I am aware of the duties and responsibilities. I believe, I have good communication skills and I considered myself as a person with good sportsmanship. I enjoy working with different people and managing different hats.



My Vision

Goals for the Faculty of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences




(Action Plan)

  • Freelancing/Internship opportunities support - where & how to apply after graduation.
  • Fees reduction for the International students
  • Provide Digital Skill workshops for students.
  • Conduct talent shows and drives among the ARU students.
  • Guidance on career opportunities.
  • Provide more Scholarship programmes.
  • Increase student involvement with Student Union and University programmes.


Problem Areas

  • Transportation and parking facilities.
  • Accommodation and food supplies for home and international students.
  • Regular interaction with the students and taking feedbacks from all the societies under SU.
  • Keeping in consideration with the Gov. rules implementing new and creative ways of learning.
  • Organizing more planned and safe meetings either virtual/face-to-face for student welfare.



1. To conduct talent shows and drives among the ARU students to find out hidden talented gems and to create a proper platform and give them a chance to explore their abilities.

2. Awareness programmes about freelance prospects after graduation.

3. Fees reduction for the International students as they are not able to fully utilise the facilities provided by the University.

4. Transportation and parking facilities have always been a problem for the students and staffs too.

5. Providing more digital skills training and workshops for students.

6. Proper guidance about career opportunities.

7. More and more Scholarship programmes should be introduced to each department.


I think, my aims will have a positive change in the campus life of each student and support me through this journey to win the elections.

Thank you,

Sobin Sojan.