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For a start, it's new era. This is a perfect chance to revitalise the Union and ensure that everybody feels valued, that everyone is represented, and moreover its important to help with all the continued resources to be delivered by the Union. While over the last few years, the Union has done a fantastic job, many students still do not know what programmes it provides, or how they can be supported directly, and that needs to improve. We will make the current SU a very fantastic part of Cambridge student life with a new re-brand, a new infrastructure rollout, and some profound organisational changes.

WHY ME?                                                         

Though I'm relative outsiders to the student union, I come with a profound background experience into Marketing & Human Resource working with various recruitment and education consultants, puts me in a good position to reshape the new SU. 

I have good project managment skillsets to voice out your issue and take the issue to the next level.I am well trained and well qualified to collaborate with a team of officers to ensure that the current SU is better at delivering support, better at interacting with the student body, more directly responsible, and aims to actively campaign for student interests.

Psychometric test training

  • I would press the University to ensure the training is provided to all the students to have an added edge in the interview process.

Increase job opportunities

  • I believe students should have more accessible to job regardless of part-time or full-time. I would give my full support to any student for finding a job with different recruitment organisations.

Flexibility in choosing main subjects

  • If I get elected I would persuade the university to give various option for students to choose there streams main course especially for masters students to study the specific stream of field.

  • I'll work along with the University to ensure every student has the opportunity to give feedback on modules and work closely with the University to ensure improvements are delivered.

  • Push the university to develop more social working spaces across campus’ to better reflect our student body, providing a greater level of up to date resources

Student Issues

  • I believe that students should have more of a say on the day-to-day running of the SU and that any student issues and problems are brought to the attention of responsible persons and are dealt with in a timely manner. I aim for outstanding output both financially and physically from the SU.

  • Voting for me would help me to unite all student groups and support inclusive programmes, community collaborations and school run events.

  • In organising a Cultural Fair that recognises all students and workers cultural backgrounds, I will cooperate with the univesity as we as a rich culture, have an opporunity to learn from each other and celebrate our diversity.

  • The #Weunite Campaign aims to make our community more aware of our diversity and encourage all students to be respectful of other community members, to be culturally aware and to behave.

I pledge that I will do it!