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Candidate for the position of National Conference Delegate



I strongly believe that anything is possible if it’s given time and effort. My moral and ethical values are what define me; I will always try my best to not compromise on them. My biggest strength is that I’m not afraid of speaking up for change. The main things I would focus on if elected, as an NCS Delegate, are:

  1. Improve engagement between different university students. 
  2. Work towards getting more diversify in staff especially the well-being services.
  3. International Students getting the same privileges as a home student, e.g. funds for buying university books.
  4. Having access to modules for lifetime; and access to other services, like LinkedIn free online courses, for some period after completing the degree.

I’m part of the OddBalls slate; we are a diverse slate. As a slate we have a lot more things planned. Do not forget to vote from the 6th of March to 12th of March.