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Candidate for the position of Disabled Students’ Rep (Cambridge)

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Andy Brice

Hi all


My name is Andy Brice and I am a second year LLB Law Student!

I am standing today for the role of Disability Students Rep as I feel I can be the voice that you deserve whilst at University!

As a person who has a life long medical condition I feel I will be able to be the students voice in order to make your life at University easier.

I still remember my first day and the nerves I had, I know how it feels to wonder what life is going to be like at University as a person with a neurological condition, I have been there.

I have also been fortunate enought to meet some amazing students with disabiliies during my first year of my course too :)

I have previously been at Course Representitive for Law for both first and second year so I am very easily approachable and will campaign hard on your behalf to get your voices heard.

Please vote for me.  You wont regret it