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Candidate for the position of HEMS Faculty Rep (Cambridge)




My name is Lucy and I am a 1st year Student Child Nurse, and I am also currently a HEMS faculty rep!

I have been a HEMS Faculty rep since October 2020 and have chosen to re-run as I have enjoyed being in this role so much!

So far, I have helped host drop in sessions for HEMS Students, and have helped students deal with some issues that need resolving, for example working to solve concerns regarding bioscience for year 1 nursing students.

I have also worked alongside other faculty reps to help release a faculty newsletter.

I would love to be able to continue to give students a voice, be a part of some campaigns that the SU run this year, and be able to host some HEMS related events when we are allowed back on campus! 

 I would really appreciate your vote to keep me in this role!

Thank you!