About The Project


What is Creative Minds?

Creative Minds is a new initiative developed by Anglia Ruskin Students' Union, with the support of Anglia Ruskin University and the University Arts Council. Creative Minds is designed to support ARU students and alumni who are interested in gaining insight into creative industries and developing their creative skills. 

Creative Minds is the brainchild of Sarah Haider, our Experience Officer for Cambridge from 2014-16. As a student and aspiring writer, she wanted to gain more experience and insight into working in a creative industry and so Creative Minds was born. Sarah was also interested in gaining entrepreneurial skills after watching her father set up his own start-up business, and so she developed Creative Minds as a free platform where students can collaborate and set up their own start-ups.

So now, as an ARU student or alumni, you can use Creative Minds to showcase your creative talents, find others to collaborate on projects with, set up your own start-up or sign up to a huge host of creative opportunities designed to help you gain industry experience. 


Why should you sign up with Creative Minds?

  • You will have a personalised profile that you can use to showcase your creative talent and advertise upcoming events and projects.
  • You can meet new people! Browse through profiles to find other students and alumni to collaborate on projects with.
  • You no longer have to rely on putting up posters! Need actors/models/musicians for your final project? Upload an opportunity on Creative Minds and sit back as people sign up!
  • Have a great idea for a start-up? Create a profile for it here or use Creative Minds to find the rest of your team. We'll even provide your first business cards.
  • You can use Creative Minds as an easy first step into advertising your creative services.
  • There are a great amount of useful resources available to download.
  • You'll have priority access to exclusive networking events, career talks and speaker events.
  • You'll have access to a huge host of creative opportunities that you can sign up with.
  • Your profile is public - arts organisations and companies can view your work and approach you with opportunities.
  • You can develop your skills, gain experience of creative industries and boost your employability.
  • It's completely free!

How do I get involved?


To get involved with Creative Minds, simply create your profile. Once you've created it, you can customise your profile, advertise upcoming events and opportunities and list projects that you would like to collaborate on.

If you're not sure, simply come to one of our events and speak to us! You can also visit us anytime at the Students' Union Reception in Helmore 125 (Cambridge) or 1st Floor Tindal Building (Chelmsford)

For a taster of our events, you can also watch this video from our recent Creative Minds Networking Evening.


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