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Upcoming Events

ParaSoc: 24 Hour CPR-athon
18th-19th October
MAB Foyer
SU Advice Drop In
19th October
If you need a quick chat with our Adviser - just pop in!
Mindfulness Session
19th October
SU Space, Cambridge
Blowing and drinks (cancelled)
19th October
Come join use for a night of bowling and drinks at tenpin bowling at Cambridge Leisure Park
Online Drama and Music Session
19th October
Microsoft Teams
Principles Genetic Lecture
19th October
Teams link sent out soon
Join our first revision lecture based on Principle Genetics! We will be consolidating some of the tricky concepts as well as working through SBA style questions together. Free to attend, just sign up for a free ticket and join us via the Teams link
Scavenger Hunt
20th October
Put your brain to the test to problem solve!
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