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Student Civil Disobedience Workshop: Safety at protests
19th May
Come join a curiosity led workshop based around 'being safe at a protest'. Experienced student activists will share their pearls of wisdom. Ideal for those who have never partaken in a protest, and veterans that want to join in the conversation
Pole Training
20th May
Pole Training
22nd May
Student Civil Disobedience: Arts, crafts and radical creations
23rd May
Bring art supplies and delve into the reckless world of protest art materials. Unleash your inner rebel and tear traditional aesthetics a new one. Empower yourself and others with onpoint placards, next level flags, and insane banners!
Mitigation/Appeal Workshop
23rd May
PTH SU Meeting Room (by appointment)
During exam season find out more about the processes there to help you if something goes awry with our Cambridge Advisers.
Optics Society: The Eye Ball 2019 (CANCELLED)
23rd May
The Royal Cambridge Hotel
The Optics Society presents you with the Eye Ball 2019!
23rd May
Novi Cambridge
ARU joins the Strike: Student Strike 4 Climate
24th May
Outside Helmore Reception (East Road)
Rally, march and demo in the name of climate justice. A 15 year old school girl sat outside her parliament demanding the government acts on climate destabilisation - unknowingly uniting schools and university. https://www.fridaysforfuture.org/
Pole Training
27th May
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