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Upcoming Events

Scavenger Hunt
20th October
Put your brain to the test to problem solve!
Dive Club Social
20th October
Prince Regent, Cambridge
Come meet up with fellow dive club members for a few drinks and a friendly chat!
SU Advice Drop In
21st October
If you need a quick chat with our Adviser - just pop in!
Guided tour @ Botanical Gardens
21st October
Botanical Gardens, Cambridge
Guided tour at Botanical Gardens by Chantal Helm. We will be meeting outside the SU building at 3 and walking together.
Free Halloween Cookie Decorating
21st October
SU, Cambridge
Martial Arts Training
21st October
Sawyers Gym
Join us to learn martial arts and improve your fitness!
Weekly Meet-ups
21st October
MAB 013
Weekly meet-ups for the Level Up! Gaming society. Membership required to attend. Play consoles, board/card games or just socialise.
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