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Upcoming events...

African Society: The Big Talk
7th November - 1st May
LAB 006
Our Monthly 'Big Talk' discussions,where we discuss current social issues prevailing in the ethnic minority societies,held once a month.
TNT Friday
14th December
Thank 92 it's Friday!!
Pole Fitness Christmas Showcase
14th December
Wings aerial fitness
Prop Box @ Revolution
14th December
Revolution Cambridge
Welcome to your weekend!
1st ARU Biomedical Science Society Conference
15th December
Science Centre, Anglia Ruskin University, East Rd, Cambridge, CB1 1PT
Aimed at STEM undergraduate and postgraduate students, the BMSS have put together a student-led conference based on the premises of being inclusive and multidisciplinary.
Acro Yoga + Thai Massage Session
16th December
Dance Studio (COS 010)
Yoga Society Regular Session
17th December
COS 303
Chill Out Tuesday
18th December
The Academy
Chill Out every Tuesday!
Early Birds Bar
19th December
The Academy
Warm up for #MWMU or chill out with your mates, every Wednesday at the Academy!
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